現在、東京を拠点にするシンガーソングライター。90年代のトリップポップに深く傾倒し影響を受けたそのサウンドを、独自のオルタナティブポップに昇華させた世界観で奏でる。フランス人の父親と日本人の母親をもつフランス生まれパリ育ちのハーフ。ソルボンヌ大学在学中にモデルとなり世界中を回った経験をもつ。モデル業と並行して自作曲などを続け、2012年からニューヨーク(Brooklyn)に在住。マンハッタンのInstitute of Audio Researchにて、エンジニアリングを体得し首席で卒業した。Strange Weather(スタジオ)のアシスタントエンジニアとして、Ghost Face Killah(ウータン・クラン)などの多数作品に関わり、 Birdland Jazz Clubでは、ライブミックスエンジニアとして、GRAMMY賞を受賞したAfro Latin Jazz Orchestra(ALJO)のライブミックスをするなど活躍。NYCでミキシングの仕事をしながら、自作自演(歌唱、作詞、作曲、アレンジ、ミキシング、レコーディングのすべて)で自らの創作をつづけてきた。2016年現在、日本に拠点を移し、シンガーソングライターとしての活動を開始。

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           Born to a Japanese mother and a French father UKICO is a singer/songwriter and producer based in Tokyo. Her visual and musical aesthetic takes her fans and followers on a journey toward spiritual discovery. It's a place where UKICO explains, "I escape the social imprisonment of having to choose between being French, Japanese, a model or an artist. There is beauty when I find that place of oneness. A place where I can release the darkness that has built up within me. That place is on stage, in the studio, when I am creating and performing. At one with myself and my art. I want to share that with people. I like to see my songs as a musical map to an inner journey that i hope can show them how to find that place for themselves.''

UKICO spent her childhood in Paris, studying at the University La Sorbonne while traveling internationally for her modeling career. She then moved to Tokyo where she started writing music as a creative reprieve from the superficially judgmental world of modeling. To pursue music more seriously she entered a music engineering school in NYC, the Institute of Audio Research. After graduating salutatorian, she interned at a recording studio "Strange Weather" based in Brooklyn where she participated in the writing and recording of "36 seasons" by Ghosface Killah, and at the well-known jazz club Birdland, live mixing for the Grammy Award winning band The Afro Latin Jazz orchestra among other jazz acts; all while writing and performing her own music. Having engineering knowledge she starts producing, mixing and engineering her own tracks. She is greatly influenced by the Brooklyn Indie pop culture as well as Trip hop music. Now she is collaborating with the producer Justyn Pilbrow (The neighborhood, Halsey…) for her first Alternative Pop Album incorporating some traditional japanese intsruments.

Photo credit: Will Goodan